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  • How to Blog 70 times faster!

    blogging for photographers

    Blogging with Blogstomp Blogging had been strenuous for me, as I was running a wedding blog and had my own photography blog to be posting on, too. I found that my WordPress took forever to upload all of my media, and then of course there was the time it took to manually change my image […]


  • Are you a blogging hero or a blogging villain?

    blogging tips for photographers

    It’s no secret that blogging is great for any business, but it can be quite a difficult task for creative businesses. I’ve heard every excuse in the world about avoiding the blog, so lets tackle them and give you some boxing gloves to punch these excuses out of the ring and so you stop being […]


  • Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers

    seo portrait photographers

    Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers Hey Portrait Photographers do you get stuck on what to blog about? Especially once your sessions are over or before your big fall sessions begin? In today’s Vlog I show you how to get some blogging ideas/keywords for halloween/fall related content. For this we go back to good ole Pinterest, […]