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  • How to become a more consistent blogger?

    how to blog more consistently

    As I’m going through October on the topic of blogging, I’m trying to come up with all my little tricks that I’m so used to doing that I might not realize it’s new to some of you. Do you ever just open your WordPress blog, and it’s just like the blinker’s on? You just go blank? […]


  • How to create pretty graphics for blog posts?

    blog graphics for blog posts

    It’s not breaking news that I dislike designing cards, albums and collages. Even though I’m a photographer and enjoy creativity in that way, design has never been my forté, and I joke around that I will even outsource a holiday card design. I never became a Photoshop pro, either. I have Photoshop and some other […]


  • WordPress SEO class

    Learn WordPress SEO Registration for my WordPress SEO class is now open! The good news is that if you use Square Space as your platform, this class will be great for you as well! Space is limited and so are dates and I will probably offer this wordpress SEO class again in the fall so […]