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Learn how to become a better blogger for your creative business. Blogging tips for photographers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

  • Increase Blog Post Shares by Avoiding these 3 Mistakes


    One of the main reasons for writing blog posts is to share our knowledge. And social media plays a HUGE part in helping us share that content and knowledge with our audience. But in order to make our content easily shareable, there are some major mistakes you have to avoid. Otherwise, you’ll be losing out […]

  • 2018 Blog Detox Challenge

    TikTok SEO tips for wedding professionals

    10 Day Blog Detox Challenge. Update 01/13/18 – Don’t follow the challenge in order but do as follows: Day 1, Day 2, Day 4 , Day 3, Day 7, Day 5, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10. Hello January and hello 2018.  2017 was a crazy year for me. One that I would have to […]

  • 4 tips to please your audience and Google.

    Post #2 of Love your Blog, Love your tribe series. #loveyourblogtribe I worked as a restaurant waitress and told my then-crush that I would not be attending church theater rehearsal because I had to go to work that night. He was super bummed, looked me up and down and licked his lips. It did feel […]

  • 5 blogging mistakes that will make you loose points with Google

    What I really mean is 5 blogging mistakes that will piss Google off and maybe even your clients.  Previously when I launched my blog and website, I was just happy to be alive. You know the joy of pressing that submit button and being oh-so-LEGIT. Like running screaming and telling everyone, MY BUSINESS IS ALIVE! […]

  • 4 Reasons Why Blogging matters. My Story.

    blogging tips for photographers

    As I prepared for my presentation for the Blink Conference (all about blogging with SEO in mind), it dawned on me that there would be fellow photographers or creatives there that actually do not have a blog. Some perhaps never launched a blog or they rebranded in a new platform and have not yet started […]

  • How to revive old blog posts with these easy SEO steps!

    how to optimize previous blog posts you had in your blog and make them shareable and get more social proof

    Blogging doesn’t come naturally or easily for everyone. Correct? But once in awhile, you come up with a great blog post idea, pour hours into the blog post, make it pretty with gorgeous stock photos, and you press publish! Then you go through your post-publishing checklist, share it on social media, and you carry on […]

  • Monetize your blog with Google Adsense- How to get started

    So, perhaps you’ve been thinking of ways to monetize your current hobby blog, or maybe you’re in the planning phase of a brand new blog which you want to monetize later. There are many ways to monetize a blog, and variety is key, but I do love the option of using Google Adsense as a […]

  • The 411 of List Building Lingo

    what is a landing page and opt in box

    You have a blog, and now you want to monetize it for some hustle money, or you want to use it as your home base to book your services and buy your products, or you want to make a full-time income from it. Starting and designing a blog is a big task, but you will […]

  • Yoast 3.1 updates

    changes in Yoast 3.1 how to change the snippet editor

    It is no secret that my favorite WordPress SEO plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps gauge my blog posts for Google search and Google rankings by providing feedback and analysis of my blog post.  It shows how to improve the focus keyword that I want to be found for in online searches. Having […]