Blogging ideas for Portrait Photographers

Hey Portrait Photographers do you get stuck on what to blog about? Especially once your sessions are over or before your big fall sessions begin? In today’s Vlog I show you how to get some blogging ideas/keywords for halloween/fall related content. For this we go back to good ole Pinterest, the visual mecca for holidays. Pinterest can give you great ideas on what to blog about to get in front of your audience, but before you even start digging through the pins, it is important to note what it is that your target audience care about as well as what they need. In the case for children and family: photographers, your ideal client is a mom. And as a mom myself I feel moms are always looking for one of the following:

  1. What to do with my kids during _______ (fill in the blank)? our case Halloween/Fall
  2. Where to take my kids? local events, weekends, activities
  3. How to make some yummy recipes for my family? or to even cook with my kids (think halloween themed)
  4. DIY stuff- crafts, games for the kids.
  5. DIY Home decor- or general home decor ideas- more home related to kid related but moms care about this too
  6. How to help my kids be their best! – Home work, social skills, play etc.

Once you write down what your target audience (in this case, moms care about), it will be a lot easier to fill in your blogging Calendar. You may adapt specifically for certain age groups of children, so if your moms are moms of babies then there will be more baby related content. If it’s moms of school aged children, more information around school schedules and so forth. These categories can help you draft new blogging ideas in between your photo sessions. Choose from these 6 categories to have one blog post a month and increase your traffic and be a resource to your fans. I just hooked you up with 6 blog posts a month! So do I get a trick or treat?

You don’t have to pick all 6 or maybe you have your own category you would like to add! Well, DO IT! So now you have content (Useful information for your readers) you can use in between your photo session blog posts. Which of the 6 topics would do you think you will choose?
Watch the video below and go get found!