• 4 Essential Pages Every Blogger needs

    page ideas for a new blog

    Are you a new blogger wondering what pages you should have on your blogsite? Or maybe you have had a blog for a while but did not realize the importance of having pages as well? Then read on!  HEY BLOGGERS: You are a creative! You had a great idea and you started your blog. Then […]


  • Four mistakes you’re making with your blog and how to fix them !

    blogging mistakes

    Four blogging mistakes you’re making with your blog which can leave you naked in the eyes of Google!   Blogging is a great tool for any business. It allows you to voice your opinions, reach out to your brand and be a resource. It also helps you get new clients, build your tribe and get sales. […]


  • FREE WEBINAR- How to freakin get a green on Yoast SEO plugin?

    how to use yoast plugin

    It is no secret that I love using Yoast SEO plugin. In my opinion it is the best SEO plugin out there at this time. However my students sometimes get very annoyed that they can’t seem to get the green light in the scoring dashboard of the Yoast Plugin so I thought a free webinar […]


  • How do Search Engines work?

    getting found on search engines

    Happy New Year- The Fuse is back and excited to share more ways how you can get found online for your creative business. How Do Search Engines Work? I made up a story about Mr. Google in order to help explain how search engines work. In my mind, Mr. Google is like the man from […]


  • What is SEO?

    what is seo

    What is SEO? I remember the first time hearing the term SEO… I was like S-E-what? That’s what I thought in my head, but I nodded my head as if I knew exactly what the other photographers were talking about. It was an industry word thrown around like a football at the Clemson football game, […]


  • Pinterest SEO Workbook & E-course is here!

    get found on pinterest seo

    It all started with an idea. I wanted to show the power of Pinterest for marketing your small business and wanted to provide you guys with something different. There are tons of great course on how to go viral on Pinterest, how to grow your following but no one was really tapping into the wonderful […]


  • Blog Post Ideas to help you grow your blog and build your audience.

    13 blog post ideas to help your blog better

    Hello November! Welcome birthday month. I can not believe my birthday will soon be here again but for now let’s chat about you, your blog and your awesomeness. I want to thank those who joined me last month in the blogging challenge and I have some more blogging tips for you today. If you are […]


  • 21 Days Blog Detox- Get your blog fresh and cleaned up!

    blog clean up

    This whole month I scoped about blogging and blogging tips, so let’s end the month with a bang and do a major blogging overhaul with my 21-day blog detox!  We are approaching the end of the year, and let’s get real… you probably compiled lots of media files, extra widgets and perhaps made up to […]


  • How to Make Money with Instagram?

    instagram tips

    Life is sure funny. When you’re younger you look up your mentors, parents, older folks for advice, but as you get older, all of a sudden one day your parents ask you for advice and call you up asking for feedback. Anyone else have this happen to them? I am about to turn 37 next […]


  • Non-Cheesy Blog promotion tips

    non sucky blog post promotions

    So, this whole month has been a blogging challenge. Step up your game and blog. This is a great time for you to sell your products and grow your brand. People are shopping like crazy already! Think about how you can boost your name and brand. Getting found by Google is still key, and that […]