• 7 Fun and easy Google Hacks to try in 2017

    Want some fun and easy SEO tops for your creative blog? Check out these Google hacks for 2017

    Sometimes SEO can be draining and overwhelming. After all, getting found online for your creative business takes loads of work and energy. You need time to do proper research, make tweaks on your website, and after all that, create blog content. You need to be mindful of not just your audience’s needs, but Google updates […]


  • How to get your online courses found on Google?

    How to get your online courses found in Google by doing SEO on the sales page Teachable, Wordpress and Squarespace

    The online education market is just getting started and will continue to expand. The future of online education allows anyone to share their expertise and make an income through teaching. People love a good Netflix-style binge, and online education gives those who are eager to learn exactly what they crave. Platforms such as Teachable are […]


  • 4 creative ways to use Instagram Stories for your business

    instagram stories how to use for business marketing and to grow Instagram followers

    As I’ve mentioned before, IG Stories brings fun back to Instagram. It’s a way to use the platform in a spontaneous and not-so-planned way. Video content is here to stay, as users have gotten used to seeing what’s going on with brands and the people behind the brands. You don’t need tons of curation, new […]


  • 2016 Holiday Gift guide for bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

    2016 holiday gift ideas for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs

    I don’t know about you, but I have never lucked out in Secret Santa. I have gotten a bar of soap  (yes, a bar of soap), a weird belt, and once we had to do a Y Secret Santa at work. You see in Brazil, Secret Santa’s are called Friend X (weird, I know, but […]


  • 5 blogging mistakes that will make you loose points with Google

    What I really mean is 5 blogging mistakes that will piss Google off and maybe even your clients.  Previously when I launched my blog and website, I was just happy to be alive. You know the joy of pressing that submit button and being oh-so-LEGIT. Like running screaming and telling everyone, MY BUSINESS IS ALIVE! […]


  • 4 Reasons Why Blogging matters. My Story.

    blogging tips for photographers

    As I prepared for my presentation for the Blink Conference (all about blogging with SEO in mind), it dawned on me that there would be fellow photographers or creatives there that actually do not have a blog. Some perhaps never launched a blog or they rebranded in a new platform and have not yet started […]


  • Life is not a straight line—neither is business

    business tips for creative entrepreneurs

    If you follow me on Snapchat, you have seen some of my gatherings with friends here at the house. We love to host and entertain our friends, especially with karaoke and wine. My husband Max also loves to cook, and he makes delicious Brazilian BBQ and stews, but friends also help him cook. Sometimes though, […]


  • 10 ways to lower your bounce rate & get people to love your blog

    Learn ways to reduce bounce rate and get more clicks on your website and blog traffic.

    Bounce rate is a measurement by Google that calculates how many bounces you’ve had from your website. A bounce is when a visitor comes to your site and that visitor does not click through to another page on your site, but instead, leaves. Google wants visitors to read on and visit other pages on our […]