• SEO 101 for Wedding Planners

    SEO for wedding planners

    Wedding Planning SEO 101 When I got into SEO, I was a wedding photographer who desperately needed new clients. I had photographed everyone in my community, and I knew I needed to be found by new brides who would also refer me business in the future. I was super excited by the idea that I […]


  • 7 tips on How to Plan a Last Minute International Trip & Not Lose Your Mind

    how to travel internationally last minute

    Today I have something a little different on the blog. This is a new series on travel tips. I’ve been traveling since I was six years old. Some of this comes from my upbringing: I’m originally from Brazil and have hopped all over the globe since I was a child. Some of this comes from […]


  • 7 Easy SEO Tools to Try in 2018

    7 Free and Easy SEO tools for 2018

    When I first started working at my current marketing agency, I kept hearing my boss tell it’s customers that SEO was a multiprong approach. I used to sit right in front of him, and I always heard him use the world Multi-Prong approach. I always knew that SEO entailed so many factors, but now I […]


  • 2018 Blog Detox Challenge

    TikTok SEO tips for wedding professionals

    10 Day Blog Detox Challenge. Update 01/13/18 – Don’t follow the challenge in order but do as follows: Day 1, Day 2, Day 4 , Day 3, Day 7, Day 5, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10. Hello January and hello 2018.  2017 was a crazy year for me. One that I would have to […]


  • How to find your ideal blog reader using Google Analytics

    Discover your blog reader information using Google Analytics

    So, if you happened to land on this blog post, you may be scratching your head just a tad. For the month of February, I’ve dedicated a theme for my blog posts. It’s all about courting and loving your blog, as well as loving your tribe and, in turn, building a healthy relationship with Google. […]


  • If you want to succeed as a creative entrepreneur do this 1 thing

    How to succeed as a creative entrepreneur. Read on through business tips on entrepreneurship

    j Creative Entrepreneur Business Tips     I guess I can call this month the month of business lessons and personal reflection.  I made two blog posts that featured a total of 29 creatives who shared their 2016 business lessons and their goals for 2017. I loved the answers and advice, and in today’s post, […]


  • 13 Creative Entrepreneurs share their 2016 business lessons

    Lady bosses share their business lessons and goals for 2017

    I am so excited to share the part two of the blogger’s interview I did all about what lessons did they learn in 2016. Yes, 2017 has started but January is national organization month and is always a great time to set some goals and change a few things in your business. Here are what […]


  • My 2017 Word of the year is….

    business tips for your creative biz to run your creative solopreneur business

    I walked into this NYC apartment on a fall morning and saw great, huge, beautiful photo artwork hanging on the blue-gray walls. I peeked into the homeowner’s office and saw two working computers in his office and thought, “how cool.” I was super giddy and started putting my things away, and then he walked in. […]