• Photo Wall Paper Project

    I still can’t believe we purchased a home during this crazy Pandemic but we did. As soon as we moved in, we went right to work. My husband does flooring and some other things around the house which is pretty handy. Our first big project was to paint our walls and remove this huge mirrored […]


  • Brands Helping Creative Businesses During Coronavirus

    Brands Helping Creative Businesses During Covid19 At first we thought we would be home for a couple of weeks and then Disney closed. Has Disney ever closed? I knew things were serious then but never did I imagine what we have lived so far. We just hit day 46 of lock down and the big […]


  • Surviving Working From Home With Kids

    Working Remote with Kids at home during Covid 19

    “I am going to get SO much work done once my kids are in school!” ^ Past me. When I had 2 kids under 3, a newly launched photography business & a schedule that was anything but scheduled. I worked from home for 7 years (and I will tell you – it did get a […]


  • 5 Tailwind Tribe Hacks to Super Speed Your Pinterest Scheduling

    Pinterest marketing services

    1 million impressions. 2 million eyes on my work.  Those are the numbers I saw after joining my first Tailwind Tribe. I’ve been hooked ever since.  And while the views are what got me to dive head first into Tailwind, the ability to bulk schedule quality content at super speed is what made me stay.  […]


  • Business Tips For Creatives During Covid 19

    Business Coach for Freelancers

    2020 has started off with shaking up the whole world. I have in my lifetime, seen anything like this. At first, we thought it was just affecting Wuhan, then some travel industries, but now it has a full-on tsunami domino effect. I know financially the whole world is hit right now, so what can we […]


  • 20 Marketing Hacks for Photographers in 2020

    marketing hacks for photographers

    I sincerely still can’t believe we are in 2020. After all, I graduated in the year 2000, which had the crazy Y2K scare. We don’t need to get into that, but we can agree that marketing for photographers is vital. The industry feels overly saturated, and you may be tearing your hair out, trying to […]


  • How To Grow Your Photography Business When You Feel Stuck

    how to get more photography clients

    If you own your own photography business, most likely you have felt stuck one time or another. But it seems all the self-doubts and questions come in January. It is January, after all, a month after the big rush of the holidays and deadlines. It is a month when photographers work on their business plans […]


  • What to Charge When You’re Starting Out as a Photographer

    What to charge as a photographer when starting out

    What to Charge When You’re Starting Out as a Photographer Of the many important decisions you need to make when you start a photography business, what to charge for your services is one of them. There are a lot of different opinions about what you should charge and there’s the fact that the photography space […]