• How to Get Started with Backlinks for Your Website

    backlink tips

    I love discussing how to earn brownie points with Google. We need to learn what Google loves in order for Google to give us the time of day. In case you haven’t heard, I have a Periscope channel, and I’ve been scoping on this important topic of what Google loves. On my periscopes, I often […]


  • Rock your 1st Periscope with these 16 tips

    periscope tips for newbies

      16 Tips on Getting Started with Periscope Periscope has taken the world by storm, and for me it’s the next best thing to getting an MBA. No, really, it is. Do you want to learn how to make green smoothies? Want to learn about taxes and accounting? Marketing? Sales? There is a scope for […]


  • Ask Fuse Series- How to get found in big cities for my local business?

    fuse seo

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I launched a new area in the blog called “Ask Fuse.” I want you to post your SEO and online marketing questions, which I may feature on my blog. You get my answer, others with the same question will be so relieved, your website will get exposure and a […]


  • Google Analytics for non techie folks

    Google Analytics for dummies

    Tracking Web Data for Non-Techie Folks Confession time. I’ve been teaching DIY SEO for the last 3 years, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve been okay with logging into Google Analytics. I used to feel so suffocated using it because I was out of my element, and therefore I felt so dumb. Why? […]


  • 8 ways to find new keywords for your site

    how to get blog found online

    The biggest struggles I see people having with DIY SEO are 1) not knowing what to blog about, and 2) which text to use when optimizing websites and blogs. Since text is such a key component of SEO (a.k.a. getting your kick-butt awesome business/brand found online), I wanted to share a few additional ways you […]


  • What is Periscope? the 411

    getting started with periscope

    “Oh Fusie, are you really going to try and get me to use another social media platform, when we have 123,214,234,234 ones already?” Let me tell you! After 22 live streamed broadcasts on Periscope, I am hooked, and I think you should at least check it out! Peri-what? It’s a new Twitter-owned app which allows […]


  • 12 DIY SEO Hacks to help you get found online

    diy seo tips

    12 DIY SEO HACKS DIY SEO is all about getting small chunk tasks done that will lead to results. SEO is like a high-maintenance girlfriend, but at times it can be down to earth and enjoy a matinee movie and cheap popcorn. Today I want to share with you 12 SEO Hacks you can do […]


  • Tips of the week-

    Throughout the week I share tips on my Facebook Page but thought I would do a blog post round up with latest tips in case you are not a fan yet! If you want to be the first to see these tips make sure you become a fan HERE. PROPHOTO USERs- Tip. Recently in helping […]


  • 7 Pinterest Myths you need to stop believing in now

    pinterest tips for photographers

    Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms for my photography business, but I do see photographers making mistakes using Pinterest or not using it all. Check out these 7 myths surrounding using Pinterest for your photo business. Myth #1:  You can’t use it for business, or you think you need a separate account […]


  • Facebook Ads for Photographers- Getting Started

    how to do Facebook ads for photo biz

    Oh, Facebook… I can’t believe I am actually writing a post about success with Facebook ads. Why, you may ask? Because in my 6 years of love for online marketing, Facebook has never been my top priority. I saw over and over again photographers raving about how Facebook was great for their photography business, and I […]