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Today is the big Google update in regards to mobile searches, so are you ready? Come on SEO DIYers, Google warned us that we need to get on board and be mobile friendly, or our websites and blogs could be penalized after their April 21, 2015 update. Google usually releases updates in the USA first, but this update will be all over the world. With more and more end users using their phones to search, Google wants us to be providing the best experience for our viewers via phones and tablets, so they requested we buckle up. They asked that all websites and blogs be mobile ready and pass this mobile-friendly test here.

You can find out a little more information in my last mobile friendly blog post on the topic, but today I wanted to restate that it’s not only important to pass the test, but to be mobile friendly — which sometimes is not the same as mobile ready. Mobile friendly means that I not only pass this test via Google’s test tool, but that the person actually navigating my website or blog via their phone has a good experience and is able to navigate through it easily.

I had the pleasure of video chatting with Orange County Photographer KrisD from Krashing Sets, who gave some great tips on how to create a mobile-friendly website. We discussed mainly show-it websites, but the advice can be applied to any website platform. Check out the video interview below, where you will learn what is most important in creating a mobile version of your website.

Disclaimer: I had some tech issues with video audio and had to piece 2 different audios which I am not a pro at but it has such great info and advice that I had to put it out there. Will try and get transcript of it for you guys since audio was not it’s best! thank you and thank you KrisD, you rock!


Other Designers who can also convert your Show it Websites are: Emma & Josh Smith, Jeremy Ellsworth and The Autumn Rabbit. Here is the link to take the test if you missed the last mobile blog post.