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hey, I'm FUSE

My story really began when a former stripper told me I should really do this SEO thing. But It's not what you think!

Her name is Erica Lymyric and 10 years ago I did a free discovery call as I somehow got on her newsletter list which was called the Daily Whip. Insert laugh.  This is before Instagram. FB groups, Pinterest so we couldn't really look each other up much. Plus I had no SEO info out there. She asked me a question and I slight mentioned SEO and quickly jumped into another topic, but she said hold up, tell me more about this SEO thing. She lit my  Fuse.

I had NO idea at the time... 

That that small spark would fully ignite inside of me  that I would one day be training companies, small businesses, fellow social media coordinators sustainable SEO strategies and help them pursue their creative endevors.

I DId HIT a WALL! THIS CRAZY BRAZILIAN MOM WASN'T Welcomed in the seo world, even in the photo industry.

You see I wasn't and I am not very technical. I don't code, and I dislike stuffy SEO tactics. Because who has time for that boring stuff? My goal when I started with doing SEO for my own photography business was to wake up, open my email and see the wonderful words that said, I FOUND YOU ON GOOGLE.

I started taking the little that I did know and started seeing results! I was intimidated the techies and the people who would purposely ignore me, I followed my curiosity. I took what I could understand and I built a whole wedding photography business around it.

FB groups came around and that was the moment I was able to help others get found online.

I began studying more and more and I was starting to get seen in the photography industry that I knew a thing or two about getting leads from Google. I launched my 1st SEO bootcamp in 2013 and I can't wait to celebrate my 10 year anniversary. Still here, still helping others get found.

And now i'm going to help you GEt Found, Get Visible, Make organic sales.

It hasn't been all roses, let me tell you. I have had it hard. I relocated my business twice, I got scammed. I lost 17k when I added video to my business. I moved to a new state that didn't care if they found you on Google, you had to know someone. Then I stopped shooting all together, but I kept on following my curiosity. I perfected my formula and also found the best service I could find for my clients. The VIP Day.

Photo by bianca valentim 


all about


Following my curiosity, my family, Jesus with a dose of crazy, laughing loudly especially at my self. Easy systems,
strong coffee,
my doggies
helping you get loved by Google.
Traveling especially to Southwest Europe


not about

Complicated order ( if you know you know),
negative energy,
time wasting,
bucket hats,
scary movies,
cats ,
religious manipulation,
that hustle game,

Be you, everyone else is taken."

"Done is Better Than Perfect."

—Favorite QUotes



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