While browsing through your Instagram feed, you’ll notice a vintage television icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Clicking the icon will bring you to IGTV, Instagram’s newest video sharing platform. You might be hesitant to try out this app extension. After all, what’s the difference between all video sharing and video streaming platforms to begin with? They all provide video content—whether it be professional or amateur ones. There probably won’t be much difference when using IGTV, so what could the fuss be all about?

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The answer is simple: it offers a new perspective on the continuously-growing video-sharing industry with vertical videos. Instagram’s IGTV extension has the potential to be one of the biggest video-sharing platforms online. In addition to offering the traditional functions of video-sharing and streaming, IGTV also makes content creation easier to do and even easier to reach. While IGTV still has a long way to go, you’ll undoubtedly notice the difference between IGTV and other video websites and applications immediately.

Why you should be excited about IGTV

There are a lot of reasons why you should be stoked about Instagram’s newest feature. If you’re interested to know more about this incredible feature, here are 7 reasons why you should join IGTV:

Video sharing and streaming are on the rise

Hubspot’s research shows that about 78% of the population watches online videos weekly. Nearly half of those videos are seen through mobile phones, and this number is expected to rise even higher than before. So video is here to stay, period.

Almost everyone will be able to make video content, regardless of available resources

getting started with IGTVAnyone can make video content, regardless of available resources. No longer it is expected for you to have super professional looking videos like the first days of YouTube. Lack of quality equipment used to be a barrier to entry, but this is no longer the case. All you really need now is your phone or a point and shoot camera that films. With platforms like Snapchat, IG Stories and now IGTV, the playing field is leveled by giving people just 1 easy piece of equipment – their mobile phones.

It is incredibly easy to do

Making videos for IGTV is really easy. While professional videographers might still use their existing equipment and knowledge in making videos for IGTV, there isn’t an expectation for a professional-level output for you. With the help of your mobile phone, you can create entertaining and engaging content and share it with your friends, family, and followers with a click. Plus, you can use natural lighting by standing in front of a great light source like a window, or you can purchase a cheap video light to help. All in all, it is effortless to do especially since it is pre-recorded.


You can make money with IGTV

Believe it or not, you can make money through IGTV! Although Instagram doesn’t offer ad options in IGTV videos at the moment, there are other ways to gain money by using IGTV.

Once you have a sizeable following, companies can pay you to promote their products. You can also use this platform to endorse products of your own making. Sometimes, when promoting items, companies pay you every time someone buys a product through the link you provided in your channel. Other channels can also pay you to promote their own IGTV channels. I do believe IGTV needs to better the CRO by adding more link options for brand accounts. This is a downside about IGTV.

You can be one step ahead of everyone in IGTV

Since IGTV is a relatively new feature, not many people have established themselves on this platform yet. That means that you can be one of the first IGTV stars. You can start trends, build your following, and create a brand that is wholeheartedly yours.

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IGTV folks to follow

Removes the pressure that live video brings

One of the most significant barriers to entry in the field of video content creation is confidence. Many people want to shine and feel like stars, but not everyone is confident enough to appear live on-screen. I personally have a hard time during livestreams as sometimes it is super quiet and not everyone interacts on there. I like to get audienc involvement so I find live streaming intimidating. Did I mention I am an extrovert with a loud laugh? Jersey raised? So if I find livestreaming intimidating, I can imagine many of you do too.  IGTV seeks to break this barrier by providing an avenue for people to upload pre-recorded videos.IGTV vs live stream

While you still have the option to broadcast your content live on Instagram, IGTV remains as a safe-haven for creative content creators who may not be confident enough to appear on-screen live. Creators can even edit their videos before uploading it on IGTV.

Repurpose videos

You probably have multiple video-sharing accounts, each with different host websites for varying functions. Setting up your IGTV account is going to be extremely helpful, as IGTV gives you an added avenue to repurpose your videos from other video-sharing or media-sharing sites. That way, you can extend the reach of your content effectively. Just as you can repurpose videos from other sites to IGTV, you can also repurpose videos make in IGTV to other video-sharing websites and applications.

Bonus Tip- Take your keynote presentations from past lives or webinars and do a mini version for IGTV. Remember that smaller accounts can upload up to a 10-minute video and official accounts are up to an hour.

Set-up your IGTV channel now

What are you waiting for? See the potential of the platform and start to establish yourself in this up-and-coming Instagram feature. Of course, there is a lot of room for growth for IGTV. Since the platform is still in its beginning stages, there are still some kinks that they need to work on. People are complaining about the IG algorithm changes, and it seems like IG is pushing the feed of people creating video content via IGTV. Using the platform will definitely extend your social media reach, and it can be your way to earn money while doing something that you enjoy.

Set up your IGTV channel now and start to establish yourself in a potential video-sharing giant!