1 million impressions. 2 million eyes on my work. 

Those are the numbers I saw after joining my first Tailwind Tribe. I’ve been hooked ever since. 

And while the views are what got me to dive head first into Tailwind, the ability to bulk schedule quality content at super speed is what made me stay. 

Today, I am diving into my 6 favorite hacks to help you supercharge your Pinterest Marketing & get more eyes on your work. 

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Okay, on with the tips!

What is a Tailwind Tribe?

But before we dive into Tribes – let’s chat for a second about Tailwind.  Tailwind is a scheduling platform that lets you schedule content for both Pinterest and Instagram. They have been helping creators schedule and promote content since 2013 – so they know a thing or two about scheduling. 

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In 2016, they launched Tailwind Tribes. A place for Pinterest users to gather with other Pinterest users and share content on a specific topic. It’s a real “community over competition” vibe, with the idea being that you repin more pins than you submit. There are monthly limits to how many of your own pins you can share in your tribes, but you can share pins from them as many times as you want. (Which makes it pretty easy to follow the rules.)

What is a Tailwind Tribe

How to Join a Tailwind Tribe

Tailwind users can be a member of up to 5 tribes at a time. You can also purchase “power-ups” that allow you to do things like join more tribes and submit more pins. 

To find a tribe, log in to your Tailwind dashboard, click the Tribes tab in the left-hand menu then do a topic search to find your tribe. 

Check the video below for a complete how-to + a few tips to help you find the best tribes.


Now that we have discussed how to get started with Tailwind Tribes, it is time to supercharge your Pinterest marketing. Here are my favorite Tailwind Tribe Hacks.

The Fire Symbol

The fire symbol tells you how many times a pin has been shared by other members of the tribe. This is important because it helps you weed out low-quality, spammy pins.  I have read many stories about Pinterest users being blocked by Pinterest due to pinning the wrong pin. I have been using Pinterest Marketing for years, and I also am a VA for a few clients, and we have never been blocked. Why? Because I am always looking for high-quality pins.

Tailwind Tips - How to use Tailwidn

If a pin is brand new or when I go and save the pin, it doesn’t have a description; I will skip it. I like to look for pins that have been shared at least 30 times, ideally above 100 times. Sometimes I will break this rule, especially if I know the creator, but I also will first click on the link and make sure the blog is not spammy.

Weekly Highlights

When you join a tribe, you will see that there can be thousands of pins, and it can feel overwhelming. To cut through the noise, I go to weekly highlights up on top and see the top-performing pins from that said tribe. Not all tribes have a weekly highlights feature, but you should start using this section on the ones that do. This will help you save so much time and also allow you to give back to these pinners.

Your Submissions

This is my newly discovered favorite hack, which helps me save so much time. Instead of going to my own Pinterest account and finding my own pins so I can add to the schedule, I use Tailwind Tribes as a shortcut. I go to the tribe and check my submissions. You will see that it has already been scheduled as they label previously scheduled or published pins.

Tailwind Tribes Hacks

There I can see what pins have already been scheduled.  Now, I find boards where my own pins have not been scheduled too before. Next, I look for boards that I haven’t added that pin to yet.  I participate in a lot of group boards, so I am always finding new boards that I can share my content with. 

I do this lightly, as now Pinterest has requested that we create more and more fresh pins. They don’t mind that you reshare your previous blog posts, but they want you to create new pins, so aka new graphics for it. but they really want you to focus on adding new graphics to keep content fresh. 

Give Back to Your Contributors

I must admit I dislike all the message notifications in Tailwind Tribes, and I rarely read them just because I don’t have much time. I do see people connecting and even doing blog exchanges there, which I think it’s great. What I do is I check who has been sharing my content more, and then I take the shortcut of seeing their submissions, and I add them to my queue. I don’t do this as often, so this is one hack I plan to use more in my 2020 Pinterest Marketing.

Using Tailwind Tribes

Create Your Own Tribe

I created my own tribe as soon as I joined Tailwind  Tribes, and I set a goal for my tribe to reach 1 million impressions. It took a while because, in 2019, I barely blogged or used Pinterest for myself, but now that I am back at freelancing and teaching online, I have finally reached my goal, and I am so excited. 1 million impressions are important because that means that the tribe is doing well and that the pins are really circulating as it should be. This also makes you stand out as an expert and other quality pinners will love to join your tribe. 

how to create your own Tailwind Tribe

You do need to create rules for your tribe, and you can have it as an open invitation or invite fellow Pinterest accounts that you are friends with and that you know they provide high-quality content.

Bonus Tailwind Tribe Hack

One new hack that I will be using is the Tribes Insights.  In the past, I have ignored this section of Tribes and focused only on checking the stats in my tribe summary. But Tribe Insights offers a wealth of information I was really missing out on.  as I have only checked the stats in the summary section of the tribe, but it offers a wealth of information.  I can monitor tribe activity and only see my contributions. This allows me to see which tribe I am having the most impact. This is insightful because it can help me come up with new blog post ideas and pinning ideas. This also gives me a shortcut to top pinners for that tribe. I can see their contributions and repin their content.

Tailwind Tribes Insight

Overall Tailwind Tribes is a vital part of being able to schedule over 15 pins a day quickly and efficiently. 

Now it’s your turn – do you use a Pinterest scheduler? If you haven’t tried Tailwind, I highly recommend it! Without it, there is no way I would be able to keep up with sharing regularly (or efficiently) on Pinterest. Here is my affiliate link if you want to try Tailwind for a month. 

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