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When it comes to social media, blogging and SEO, there’s one word that unites every user of these three things, and that is AUTOMATION. I’m a huge fan of automation because it can put your business on autopilot so you can focus on the things that make your business money: creating content, making discovery calls, producing new product, creating sales copy, sharing your content, creating e-courses, and so forth. The second reason why I love automation is that it allows me to repurpose my content more effectively and in a timely manner, plus it keeps me organized and on schedule. There are many scheduling tools out there, and each social media platform has its own customized scheduling tools, but CoSchedule is the top social media scheduling tool for these 10 reasons.

best social media scheduling tool

1. They offer this kick-ass Headline Analyzer tool for FREE.  I have a confession to make. I actually suck at coming up with blog post titles. For reals? Yes, because remember, when it comes to blog post titles, you want to really create them for the end user and not spam your titles with repetitive keywords. The Headline Analyzer helps you come up with a great blog post title by giving you suggestions and feedback. I love how I can see several title ideas at once, and it spits out scores for me so I can choose the best one. If you sign up for CoSchedule, the analyzer is right inside WordPress.

SEO Tip:// Click-through rates (CTR) affect how Google pushes your content up or down in the Google ranking results. So for instance, if your blog post is at position 9, and users are clicking more on your post than the site at position 7, this CTR is an indicator that users like your title/permalink/description better, and it can increase your Google ranking. So this means that by optimizing your blog post title for your blog visitors, you are also standing out in the eyes of Google. CoSchedule to the rescue!

2. It serves as an editorial calendar. As a blogger, you really want to start coming up with content for the next few months, and having a calendar is so crucial. Before, lots of bloggers were using the Editorial Calendar Plugin, and honestly, I could not get into it. But with CoSchedule, I love its interface (drag and drop), and I love that I can write out attempted blog post topics and dates. It also works with other platforms outside WordPress, too. It also syncs with Google Calendar. YES PLEASE! You can add a workflow by laying out the tasks needed before, during and after you publish your blog post.

SEO Tip:// The more you blog, the better results you will get in Google. WRONG. [bctt tweet=”The more you blog great content that gets shared online, the more likely you will rank in Google,  “] so organization is the key to developing a strategy for creating great content and getting it shared.

having an editorial blogging calendar is so helpful to get on a schedule to blog more


3. It serves as a marketing calendar. What I’ve learned over the last few years as a blogger is that promotion is just as important as (or more important than) the actual blog post creation. According to Derek Halpern from Social Triggers, you should be spending 80% of your time promoting your content and just 20% actually creating your content, and CoSchedule will help you just do that. PLUS you can do it all in one sitting, freeing up so much of your precious time! It integrates with top social media platforms, so you can schedule out your posts to be shared on Twitter and Instagram. You can grab your big piece of content and break it up into smaller chunks of content to use via these fabulous platforms, which is something I am really pushing for this year. It makes resharing old content so easy.

SEO Tip:// Google surfs the interwebs for new data every day, and your older blog posts can get pushed down and lost. So by adding new text, upgrading posts and resharing, this will get your post back in front of users’ eyes who can give you some blog loving and social proof – which will make Google look at the content again.

social sharing tips

4. The Chrome browser extension. You can clip content you find online and add it to your sharing schedule, which is so cool! After all, you should also be promoting other people’s content, especially on Twitter, that you find useful for your audience. With the extension, you don’t have to leave your browser, and you have the choice to share immediately or share later. You can schedule content you find online to Pinterest too which is great as in Pinterest you should be following the 80/20 rule so sharing 80% of the time and promoting yourself 20% of the time.

5. It’s integrated with Google Docs and Evernote. As I have shared in this blogging tips post,  I usually do all my blog post writing in Google Docs. The fact that I can now write a post here in Google Docs, share it with my editor to have it edited, then send it right from Google Docs to my blog via CoSchedule? It’s incredible.

6. Analytics. You can integrate CoSchedule with your Google Analytics, and I love that you can see exactly how many times your blog posts have been shared on social media and on which platforms. Their social sharing stats are probably my favorite feature as I get to see which piece of content got shared most on social media and exactly where.

SEO Tip:// Looking at your analytics can help you tremendously in knowing what worked, what didn’t and what needs improvement. Social sharing is an important aspect of SEO, so knowing the types of content that are getting shared the most and where they’re being shared will help you replicate the process and continue the Google Juice.

7. The Social Media Scheduler. I predict this will be your main reason to want it badly! Social proof is a big player in getting your content loved by Google, so now you can share your blog posts to get that social love over and over again. They did a study that established you can share your blog posts on Twitter once a day for up to 14 days after the post is published. Make sure you use different text to grab attention, and don’t say “hey check out my latest blog post.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.38.46 PM

SEO Tip://  Having your content shared is a factor in social proof. Social proof is a ranking factor, so sharing your content and making it easy for others to share it should be on every blogger’s to-do list.

Pinterest Tip:// I like to share my content on other platforms first before sharing it on Pinterest because Pinterest shows it values social sharing and social proof with its new smart feed.

8. They do massive research to help bloggers and entrepreneurs. They have some great blog post tips on how you can improve blog traffic and increase engagement. I love this episode on Smart Passive Income, which is where I first heard about them. They shared a tip on how they spent 2 months not creating any new content and simply freshened up previous blog posts by adding content upgrades, new photos and new text.

blogging tips via coschedule blog

9. PINTEREST INTEGRATION. Okay, they just announced that they are now integrated with Pinterest, and I am bouncing up and down shouting HOORAY! So essentially, CoSchedule can do what Tailwind and Board Booster do when it comes to sharing your own content and looping your content on Pinterest. You can save your pins to pin to your work-only board, then schedule out that pin to the group boards. GAME CHANGER! Another amazing feature for the many bloggers who dislike using the huge pinterest graphic on their blogs: now with CoSchedule, you can have that graphic pinned via CoSchedule, and it does not have to be in your blog post. PRAISE THE LORD! As per CoSchedule, “Pin from anywhere on the web with our Google Chrome Extension.”  Your pins live right on your editorial calendar for you to see. So find new content and be active on Pinterest.

SEO Tip:// [bctt tweet=”Pinterest is indexed by Google, and just about everything you find in Google now has a pin or board, “] so optimize your pins and boards to also be found in Google Images.

scheduling program for pinterest

Pin your content, repin your content, and grow your Pinterest account. I go through optimizing your Pinterest account step by step in my Pinterest SEO e-course and workbook.

10. Free trial. They give you a 14-day trial, and you have nothing to lose. Try it for yourself to see how much free time it can give you and how it can increase your blog traffic while simplifying your life.

Here is a video overview so you you can find out more.


So now, instead of using so many social media scheduling tools, you can have it all in one place, right in your WordPress Dashboard by using CoSchedule. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! You can use my affiliate link here if you would like.

Here is a video overview so you you can find out more.

P.S. Their fun welcome video when you sign in is so much fun!